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16″ X 16″ Turbo Wax Dual Sided Microfiber Wax & Finish Towel


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16″ x 16″  Turbo Wax Dual Side Microfiber Wax & Finish Towel

Microfiber towels are made up of tiny loops that naturally capture dust, lint, and miniscule bits of debris, and they do a fantastic job of cleaning and polishing everything from eyeglasses to fine wood finishes. They require special care to continue working to their fullest potential. Use the following easy steps to wash and care for microfiber cloths, and extend their life of uses.

  • Wash Them Separately: To keep microfiber cloths in top condition, do not wash them with anything else. They can be washed with other microfiber cloths, but not with towels, other rags, or any other fabric. If the are washed with other items they will gather lint that will be transferred back onto surfaces being cleaned. Be sure to use the small wash load setting to save water, and use laundry soap sparingly.
  • Do Not Use Bleach: Bleach will break down and erode the integrity of the split microfiber strands, your towels will lose their absorbency, and dust clinging ability, they will become rough and ineffective. If necessary, they can be soaked in very warm water and a small amount of the usual laundry detergent. Simply shake off each one before tossing into the wash, and add the proper amount of laundry detergent according to product label directions.
  • Dry Them without Fabric Softener:Fabric softener can ruin the absorbency of microfiber cloths. Wash them as instructed above, and line dry them if possible. Otherwise, toss them into a dryer without fabric softener. They will be naturally soft and absorbent without softener that would ultimately ruin the fabric.
  • Store Them Away from Ordinary Rags:Microfiber cloths stored with ordinary rags or towels can also pick up and hold unwanted lint. Wash and dry the cloths as indicated, and store them separately. This way everything they touch will remain lint-free, and they will work as well as they did when they were new.
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Size 16×16
Color Blue
Weave Jacquard
Density 280gsm
Edge Overlock Stitching
Grade Premium
Blend 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide

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